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Committee releases Report

Ministerial salaries review committee proposes:

Pension scheme to be removed

President sees 51% cut and PM sees 36% cut;
Minister’s salary to be cut by 37%

Minister’s salary to start at $935,000

The Committee to Review Ministerial Salaries recommends cutting the salaries of the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and political appointment holders; as well as the allowance of Members of Parliament (MP).

The Committee also recommends removing the pension scheme.

The President’s annual salary should be cut by 51% to $1,540,000. The Prime Minister’s annual salary should be cut by 36% to $2,200,000.

A Minister at the MR4 grade (i.e. entry-level grade) should be paid an annual salary of $1,100,000, a cut of 37%. A Minister at the lower end of this grade will start at an annual salary of $935,000.

As is the current practice, the Prime Minister can also appoint a newly appointed entry level Minister to be an Acting Minister on a lower grade and thus go below the MR4 range, ie Acting Minister who is placed on a Senior Minister of State grade.

The Committee also made recommendations on a new benchmark. A new salary framework and National Bonus linked to the socio-economic progress of average and lower income Singaporeans is also proposed.

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