Thank you for your ideas and suggestions

We invited Singaporeans to send their feedback to the Committee through emails and a PO Box. The ideas and suggestions have been flowing in since we launched the blog on Tuesday 7, June 2011.

Altogether, we received some 500 emails and letters from members of the public as well as Members of Parliament by the end of 20 June 2011, the deadline for submissions.

We received feedback and suggestions on salaries for the President, Prime Minister, political appointment holders and Members of Parliament.

Even as we sort out the suggestions and seek to understand them, we want to say that we are impressed that some of the proposals are rather detailed with involved explanations on why this and why that.

We also have feedback on pensions, and whether to have “clean wage” ie just salaries or to have benefits.

While some contributors gave their views, there are others who also offered proposals, articulating the pros and cons of various approaches. Some even offered formulae for calculation.

It is not possible to list all the suggestions, but we have noted the range of views, from recommending drastic cuts to salaries to those who cautioned against going overboard.

We will get down to analysing all inputs in detail as well as work with HR advice. We want to repeat that all the ideas and suggestions are valued and the Committee will consider every one of them for their suitability and appropriateness.

Just to reiterate, the Committee will review the basis and level of salaries for the President, Prime Minister, political appointment holders and Members of Parliament to help ensure honest and competent government.

The Government has said that it will base the new salaries on the Committee’s recommendations, and that the new salaries for political appointment holders will take effect from 21 May 2011, i.e. the date when the new Government took office.

Although the salary for the President will in-principle commence from the new term of the President, the President has informed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that he will adopt the new salary from 21 May 2011.

Lastly, we want to thank all contributors for sharing their ideas and suggestions. We are very grateful that contributors have been very constructive in their comments. This has helped tremendously for us to start looking through the ideas.


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